The First Encounter

Mission accomplished!

The momentous day in question was the 27th of January 2018. Ten people banded together on a Saturday and generated enough code to warrant a follow-up refactoring session.

There was pizza. There was beer. There were some laptops. And there were three teams, working on three separate projects:

GameBook Creator
Description: A web app that allows you to create a game book and share it with others.
Tech stack: AngularJS, Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQL

Description: A web app that allows its users to protest against a specific service or institution by placing their avatar right in front of their building on Google Maps.
Tech stack: jQuery, .NET web services, MySQL, Google Maps API, Bootstrap 4

Description: A mobile educational app for children that allows them to practice their observational and speaking skills.
Tech stack: Kotlin, .NET web services

We think it went great! Of course, mistakes were made when it comes to organisation. For example, we had somehow forgotten to decide beforehand what dev environments we were going to use, which took a hefty chunk of time better spent coding.

But that will only make us stronger and more determined - at least when it comes to organisational matters...


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