Q: Why though?
A:  Because we can.

Q: Take me to your leader?
A: Which one? The Society is driven by Yavor Simeonov and Lyubomir Bozhinov.
We try to stick to a relatively flat organisational structure where every member of the society is equal. But these two guys are a bit more equal when it comes to our ideas and their implementation.

Q: When do you drink and dev?
A: Now this is where democracy truly reigns. We create a poll. The Saturday with most votes is the one we choose for our meeting.

Q: Where you at?
А: We hold a vote (yay, democracy!). Generally, we avoid offices. Coffee shops, park benches, mountain cottages - now these we do like.

Q: Which one is more important - drinking or coding?
A: Why not both? The main idea is to have fun. After all, this is not a job.

Q: Where do you get all of your cool project ideas?
A: Yeah, we think of them all on our own. You should try it - it's fun!

Q: How do you decide who gets to code what?
A: One word: democracy (again). Everyone can choose what they work on. But the Captains can become a bit totalitarian, if the need arises (e.g., if people have no idea what they want to do).

Q: Talk programming languages to me.
А: Every team gets to pick their tech stack (as long as they can actually, you know, code in it).

Q: Who is responsible for all the nitty-gritty details of actually organising the work?
A: Every member of the Society has the right to take part in that. What they usually lack is the desire to do it, meaning that the Captains must add the documentation for each and every project. You're welcome, drunken devs.

Q: But what about the future?
А: We shall forge teams! Epic teams!

Q: Can I join?
А: Shoot us a quick e-mail. Tell us a bit about your XP and favourite potion. We'll get in touch.

Q: What do I get out of it?
А: Nothing, really. Oh, except for the privilege of belonging to a team of competent and friendly devs who love sharing ideas and hacking cool stuff together. Also, it may or may not look good as part of your portfolio.

Q: What are my rights and responsibilities as a member of this proud Society?
А: Nada. We like flexibility. We enforce no rules. We are counting on your professionalism. We are most probably wrong.


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